Welcome to Caramel kids!

 In grown-up land, if I were ever to convince my pink Pontiac Ta-loo-la to charter a voyage across the strawberry skies, I guess I’d describe myself as a jolly alright chef, Pilates instructor with a penchant for non Pilates music and a kiddo’s yoga teacher.

 All that is rather lovely, but add a large jar of glitter, a giggle or two, some hearts, stars, imagination and I’m on my way to becoming an actual unicorn (my resident mantis just rolled her eyes…)

 Mantis opinion aside, my books are designed to give little sprogs some happy heart sprinkled lessons to share, however that may be, encourage creative play, thinking, self love and confidence in an age appropriate way.

 Sprogs feel challenge and change too and I hope my books allow for lots of magic bonding and play, play, play!  Advice for a smiley grown up and sprog land!

 A super lot of love to David for his patient kindness in helping this whole webamajig thing to work