Jack and the Magic Chalk

A little book to help children understand lockdown in an age appropriate, fun way, encouraging love, hope and creative play💜

🎁This one’s wrapped up in a sparkly bow just for you! Click on the link below to download to your device for free or print out as you wish. 

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But most of all, enjoy, stay safe and spread love, kindness and compassion!


Jack and the Magic Chalk book
Jack and the magic Chalk colour-me-in book


The Dangle Wangle Bird



A yoga book for children

Teaching children yoga, creative play and self love in a fun way, at the same time revealing the value in caring for mother earth.


Currently available for purchase and download from various merchants in several countries


Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/811452845/the-dangle-wangle-bird-a-yoga-book-for?ref=listing_published_alert


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